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Julie, Campaigner & Founder of Secret Whispers®

I am Julie; busy mum to two young very active gorgeous sons, wife to an amazing patient husband and a health and fitness enthusiast.

Let’s talk about something embarrassing shall we? Does a little wee escape when you laugh, sneeze, cough, jump, or run? Is this now your new ‘normal’? Well then - Let's change that!

Secret Whispers was born after I found that were no adequate products available to help improve my pelvic floor and a lack of information available. The importance of pelvic floor exercises is often not discussed and crucially women are not given enough information about it.

The physical, psychological and social well being impact for women and their families who suffer with weak pelvic floor conditions is heart-breaking and could be avoided.

Up to 50% of women in the UK have a prolapse. One in 10 of them may require a surgical procedure to help and as many as 19% of them will need more than one surgical procedure.

My mission is to create National Pelvic Floor Awareness! Provide women with the education and support they deserve to help prevent pelvic floor conditions!

My aim is to help every women to improve her pelvic floor; from those who want to start before childbirth as a preventative measure, to those who suffer from conditions such as incontinence and unsatisfactory vaginal sexual satisfaction.

  • DON’T ACCEPT – That’s its Normal to Wee Yourself Ladies! It’s NOT!
  • DON’T IGNORE – Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles can lead to Pelvic Organ Prolapse! Tackle the Symptoms Now and Avoid Invasive Surgery! A Condition that does not get Better Untreated
  • UK DESIGNED - Designed By UK Mum Ensuring Superior Body Safe Quality, Ergonomic Design for the Perfect Fit for Your Health and Sexual Well-being

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