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Mummy of 2, Jo, talks about how she was never aware of pelvic floor exercises and now after having used Secret Whispers kegel weight she has noticed a huge improvement. Together we are breaking the taboo and giving women the education and support to improve their pelvic floors.


Dr Benouali gives her feedback on Secret Whispers Kegel Exercise Kit. As a medical practitioner she fully supports Secret Whispers and encourages women with a weak pelvic floor to use the Kegel weights




Mum of 2 explains how she has improved her pelvic floor after using Secret Whispers Kegel Kit


A staggering 50% of women suffer with pelvic floor issues such as incontinence and unfortunately because of the associated taboo, women are silenced by shame, few willing to discuss it.

The physical, physiological and social well being impact for women and their families who suffer with weak pelvic floor conditions is heart-breaking and could be avoided. This is an issue that spans generations. This has to change.

Through Secret Whispers women are now provided with the education and support that they deserve and the confidence to accept that they do not have to suffer in silence. My mission is simply to create pelvic floor awareness and giving women an alternative to crossing their legs.

Together spread the word and get women their confidence and power back