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Gut Health eBook | 31 pages Delving into The World of Gut Health

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Engaging, easy to read as well as understand. Sometimes it would appear that you need to have a degree to understand some books, and that's not very helpful for anyone.

We have dug deep through the studies and brought all of the important, useful bits of education and knowledge together for you to consume in a much easier and more aesthetically pleasing way.

It was only recently that we started to become more commonly aware of the impact our gut health has on our overall health, influencing not only our digestive system but our body as a whole; including our immune system, cardiovascular system, metabolism, skin and BRAIN!

This book will go into detail about how gut bacteria isn't all bad but the kind of things that can happen when the good:bad bacteria tips the balance.  We discuss the symptoms to look out for to keep your own gut happy and balanced, as well as actionable tips to improve your gut health and remain generally healthy from the inside out.


We guarantee you will come away from this book with new found intelligence of how your body works and how you can potentially improve your own health, energy and comfort using the education and tips in this book.

 We feel that this topic is exceptionally important for EVERYBODY to be educated on, not just those that are suffering with “gut health” discomfort. 

Only £4.99



  1. Introduction

  2. What is this "gut health" you speak of?

  3. The gut health effect

  4. Signs of an unbalanced gut

  5. The result of an unbalanced gut

  6. How to balance the gut microbiome

  7. The gut health diet

  8. Prebiotics and Probiotics

  9. Food intolerances

  10. Food intolerances; on the contrary

  11. Digestive health myth busting

  12. Resources

  13. References