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Honest Mum
8th September 2023

Interview with Julie Colan, Founder of Secret Whispers

20th September 2022 


How to strengthen weak bladders: “These pelvic floor exercises have completely changed my peeing habits”

15th May 2022
Featured in The Evening Standard

Best pelvic floor trainers for new mums to suit all budgets


Kegel weights evening standard



30th July 2021
Featured in Woman & Home
woman and home pelvic floor exercisers

Why kegel exercises are so important—plus, the key movements you need to know about


27th July 2021

Featured in Woman & Home

How to use kegel balls for a stronger pelvic floor and better orgasms


6th July 2021

NICE opens consultation on draft pelvic floor dysfunction guideline recommendations

BBC Radio Leicester talking how my Mission for pelvic floor education to be brought into high schools may finally happen!



16th June 2021
Featured in Yours Magazine

'Look after your pelvic floor'
Yours Magazine - Wetnose Animal Aid



20th May 2021
Featured in the Daily Mail Femail

pelvic floor kegels weights daily mail femail

A problem shared...GP and mother-of-four Clare Bailey gives her indispensable advice: Can I still save my pelvic floor after 50?

The good news is that you can improve or even resolve it at any age by doing regular strengthening exercises known as Kegels.

To enhance the effect, you might try using progressive weights that you insert into the vagina like a tampon. Secret Whispers Kegel Kit (£39.99, involves tightening your muscles in order to hold an internal weight for just 15 minutes a day. Start with the lightest, then increase the weight every two weeks.


18th May 2021
# Yes She Can

Julie Colan: If it's legal and it scares you, you must do it



4th May 2021

The Can Do Way podcast
In this episode, I am talking to Julie Colan, Founder and Campaigner of award winning company, Secret Whispers®.

Listen for Julie’s Can Do tips:

  1. If it is legal and it scares you, you must do it.
  2. Either I win, or I learn, but I never lose.
  3. Invest in yourself, push your comfort zones, and push those fear boundaries.

Listen HERE


 22nd April 2021
chat magazine pelvic floor bladder leaks secret whispers
"I'm the Joe Wicks of the pelvic floor!"


15th April 2021

INDUSTRY LEADERS - Julie talks to The Industry Leaders about the work her company Secret Whispers does and tells us how she found herself in the UK's House of Lords leading a Kegel exercise!

industry leaders pelvic floor secret whispers



6th March 2021

Fantastic Female – Julie Colan, Founder of Secret Whispers

2nd December 2020
Breaking the silence, overcoming embarrassment and stepping up as a voice for over 9 million UK women.


leicester zinthyia trust and period poverty
7th November 2020 - 

Charity receives donation to help prevent period poverty in Leicester. How we give a CUPIT to the Zinthiya Trust in Leicester for every CupIT Menstrual Kit we sell

18th November 2020- BBC Radio Leicester, talking about Period poverty in Leicestershire and how we give a CUPIT to the Zinthiya Trust in Leicester for every CupIT Menstrual Kit we sell, which strives to eradicate both period poverty and domestic abuse


4th November 2020 - PeriMenoPost is talking to Julie Colan, Founder of multi award winning Secret Whispers - Kegel Kit. A PeriMenoPost Member and fellow #SBS Winner. 


22nd October 2020 - Market Harborough entrepreneur gets behind local charity fighting poverty and domestic abuse

27th September 2020 - My guest today is Julie Colan, the founder of Secret Whispers, and she is breaking a taboo of pelvic floor issues with her products and business. 



5th September 2020 - - 
You’ve Probably Been Doing Pelvic Floor Exercises All Wrong
refinery29 pelvic floor kegels


September 2020 - The Active Magazine (pg 47) - Incontinence doesn't discriminate

29th August 2020 - Podcast - The Human Conversation - with Jules White

21st August 2020 - Leak while you run? This is how you can get it fixed for good 

19th August 2020 - BBC Radio Leicester. Talking about the rise during lockdown with incontinence and my #DontIgnoreThePelvicFloor campaign

17th August 2020
Harborough pioneer believes she has the answer to women's 'leakage issues'

28th May 2020 -
Podcast -The Midlife Movement - with Jo Blackwell

19th February 2020 - On the Sofa of Success Feb'20 with the lovely Rachel from The Awards People

5th February 2020 - Podcast - Made by Mamas - The lovely TV Presenter & Radio Broadcaster Zoe Hardman combined with PR Executive Georgia Dayton talk about their top 5 Favourite New Years products. Secret Whispers Kegel Kit is #1 with Zoe..

27th January 2020 - Harborough businesswoman's website almost crashed when her product was mentioned live on air on Chris Evan's breakfast show


21st January 2020 - Secret Whispers is talked about live on air on The Chris Evans Breakfast Virgin Radio Show

6th December 2019 - BBC Radio Leicester. Talking to Jimmy and Sammaya - Being announced as a smallbiz100 winner

5th December 2019 - BBC Radio Northampton
Speaking with Helen Blaby on winning the Small Biz 100 and being named as one of the top 100 trailblazing businesses in the UK & being invited to the House of Lords

4th December 2019 - 

On the Sofa of Success with the lovely Rachel from The Awards People

3rd October 2019 - Pelvic floor exercise firm picked as example to others


12th August 2019 - BBC RADIO LEICESTER - Secret Whispers Founder Julie speaks with Ben Jackson. In response to an ad that was reported to Watchdog for implying that incontinence is normal and even expected!

22nd July 2019 - This week we are talking about the pelvic floor with pelvic floor crusader Julie Colan, founder of Secret Whispers. And we are talking leaks and kegels and what to do to get rid of those pads!


14th June 2019 - BBC Radio Leicester with Rupal Rajani

May 2019 - BBC RADIO LEICESTER - Secret Whispers Founder Julie speaks with Ben Jackson


11th April 2019 Derby Telegraph - This woman is on a mission to educate all women about pelvic floor issues

11th April 2019 -BBC RADIO LEICESTER - Secret Whispers Founder Julie speaks with Rupal

8th April 2019 - Meet the woman who's making it her mission to raise awareness of pelvic floor issues

5th April 2019 - Meet the Harborough woman who wants more people to talk about pelvic floor issues 





May 2019 - BBC RADIO LEICESTER - Secret Whispers Founder Julie speaks with Ben Jackson

May 2019 - BBC RADIO LEICESTER - Secret Whispers Founder Julie speaks with Ben Jackson