The Daily Mirror finally picks up the story!

Ok, so it may have taken longer than I had wanted but the fact that it’s out in the public domain and people are talking about it is the main thing.

Home workouts during lockdown

You know I’m on a mission to raise National Pelvic Floor Awareness and this kind of publicity is exactly what that mission needs. I have had so much feedback from ladies who are struggling, so I know just how bad the situation has got.

During lockdown, some of you have had more time on your hands and have started to workout at home - Thank you to Joe Wicks!

Perhaps you haven’t done a workout in years. Ladies, just like you, have noticed that bladder leakage has become a problem. This can happen when a sudden change in lifestyle is undertaken. So imagine you haven’t taken much exercise in years and then suddenly you start jumping around getting fit and your pelvic floor doesn’t know what has hit it!

And…..annoyingly, this can happen at any age - young and old alike.


You know, when I hear these stories I am so sad that all women are not given this education when in school. We would have so many fewer cases of pelvic organ prolapse and weak bladder issues if we were told from aged 14 to look after our pelvic floor. It’s such a simple lesson, so easy to do and would save us years of heartache and embarrassment. 

Press release falls on deaf ears

So in my search to make this campaign more high profile I sent a press release out in May to highlight this issue of women suddenly being more active and finding they haven’t engaged their pelvic floors so they were basically bouncing around like a trampoline! I was incredibly disappointed that none of the major papers were interested it at the time so imagine my surprise when I see this headline last week in the Daily Mirror⠀

Millions of women suffering bladder leaks after lockdown sparks home workouts

At first I was a little upset that they hadn’t picked it up when I first brought it to their attention and then I realised that it wasn’t about me. It was about all those women I have been trying to help all this time and finally a newspaper had found the story newsworthy. Rather strange that the story has been attributed to a “pad company” - you know how I feel about them! They are in business to keep you using their product trying to normalise “oops moments”, whereas we know we really need to exercise and strengthen our pelvic floors - that is what will save us from embarrassing leaks, or worse, a prolapse, or even worse surgery! 

Kegel Weights and perimenopause

So let’s not put up with bladder weakness - for most people, Kegel exercises will solve the problem. Start small, with manual kegel exercises, then move onto using weights like my Secret Whispers Kegel Weights Kit to really build up a strength that will have you feeling secure and confident in a matter of 12 weeks. There is a 6 step programme to follow where you can interchange the weights and gradually build up strength. There are other advantages of using weights too - as women move into perimenopause, the lining of the vaginal wall can become fragile through hormonal changes. When exercising with my Kegel weights you also strengthen that vaginal wall, keeping it toned and healthy. 


Secret Whispers Kegel Weights Kit

If you have tried doing Kegel exercises before and still feel like you’re not getting it quite right, remember the Secret Whispers Kegel Weights teach you how to do them correctly as the correct pelvic floor muscles engage to hold the weights in.

So that you can be confident you’re doing an effective exercise.

They are made from medical grade silicone making them 100% bodysafe. They are easy to clean - simply use boiling water and because you have the different weight combinations you can gradually build up the weight in a safe way.

Remember your pelvic floor is like any other muscle - it needs exercising but take your time and don’t try to go from 0-60 in one go!


If you or someone you know has suddenly experienced leakage during the lockdown, or leakage has got worse and you think you’ve nowhere to turn, we are here for you at Secret Whispers. We truly care and our Mission is to educate and help women on pelvic floor awareness.


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