New Year's Resolutions And How To Stick To Them

So it’s the beginning of a New Year and the time for the New Year resolutions to be made. Have you ever wondered how to make a New Year’s resolution and stick to it or if they are even effective for most people at all? In this blog we will discuss the most common New Year’s resolutions, how to make one, the easiest ways to stick to them and if people find them effective at all.

top 10 new years resolutions

So, what is a New Year’s Resolution?

A New Year’s Resolution is a tradition most follow at the beginning of the New Year. It involves setting a goal for the next year, changing a bad habit or trait, a change of lifestyle or behaviours with the end goal to improve the quality of life.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

A lot of people set resolutions for the New Year, some are very unique to themselves and others are a common resolution many share. Here are the top 10 resolutions for 2022 according to Country Living:

  1. Lose weight – this is by far the most common New Year resolution as most people begin a health kick after Christmas.
  2. Eat healthier/ change diet – very similar to number 1. Many people like to start the New Year healthier especially after all that food at Christmas!
  3. Get fitter/ exercise more – again people like to begin the New Year with fresh health and fitness goals.
  4. Spend more time with loved ones – we all know how the madness of life can completely take over right? The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on where and how you could be spending your time.
  5. Be more aware and take care of mental health – this is a huge one with the past couple of years giving us what they have,but, we need to make sure to look after ourselves not just physically, but mentally too.
  6. Sort finances and budgeting – a lot of people like to get into the New Year financially steady with a plan to save money for the year.
  7. Travel more – the world is huge, why not aim to see as much of it as possible!
  8. Take up a new hobby – the perfect time to start something NEW would be NEW Year surely?
  9. Be kinder to the planet – our planet is what we live on so it should be thought about when making new goals.
  10. Look for a new job – a change in career could be just what you need for the best year yet.

How to make a New Year’s Resolution and stick to it

So, you want to make a New Year’s resolution but don’t know where to start. Plus the idea of sticking to it for the full year seems slightly scary, we get it, don’t worry! To begin with, you will want to set a resolution that you are passionate about, something that will really improve your life or happiness- doing this will make it easier to stick to!

The next step is to look at how you bring this resolution into your life. You want to do it slow and steady (that wins the race remember) to make sure you are not overwhelming yourself too much. Start by changing one simple thing a week and then gradually making it part of a daily routine. Too many people will go crazy on the 1st of January changing absolutely every part of their day and by the end of January they are ready to quit as they have completely overwhelmed themselves with change. So remember, slow and steady changes to your routine or lifestyle is key!


Are New Year resolutions effective?

Plenty of us make them but do they actually work? In our opinion the answer lies with YOU. It’s up to you, your dedication and motivation whether a New Year’s resolution works or not. If your resolution is something you are passionate about and really want for the New Year you are more likely to stick to it and make it happen. However, if your resolution is something that doesn’t make a huge impact on your life or improving it then you will be less likely to want to make it happen. So make sure you are fully committed before you set that Resolution for the year. Remember, one step at a time. Try and do too many ‘New Years changes’ and you will feel overwhelmed. Best to achieve slowly.

 The pelvic floor at New Year

When the bells strike midnight do you think about your pelvic floor? Like most you probably don’t unless you happen to sneeze in that moment and all of a sudden you are reminded. Setting yourself a goal to strengthen your pelvic floor could be completely life changing and a resolution worth making. Imagine a leak free life? How amazing would that be? Small changes to your daily routine could impact the strength of your pelvic floor massively. In fact, just 15 minutes a day could be all it takes!

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Make the CupIT switch this New Year

Want to make a resolution to be kinder to the planet? Why not switch to reusable period cups, kinder to planet but your body too. 100% medical grade silicone making them completely body safe. Read more about reusable period cups in our previous blog here Make The Switch – Menstrual Cups


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