Is pelvic floor conversation still taboo?

On this journey to campaign for pelvic floor awareness I’ve met some amazing health professionals. One of them being Emma James who is a physiotherapist specialising in the pelvic floor area.

Emma James physiotherapy for the pelvic floor

We initially met online and I then visited one of her practices back in February and had the opportunity to present to the rest of her team. Since then we’ve given mutual support and I’m proud to say that Emma recommends Secret Whispers®  Kegel Weights to her clients, and last week our diaries finally coincided for a collaborative facebook live.

We had such an interesting conversation and hearing Emma say “Just because it (urinary incontinence) is common doesn’t mean it’s normal” is something you hear me talk about A LOT.

A key point raised in our conversation was that every woman is at a different stage of pelvic floor fitness and some women’s pelvic floors have suffered such trauma that they cannot hold the weight of the lowest weight combination I had suggested. So the value of combining the product with a specialist health professional was so helpful.

I’m all about breaking down the taboos surrounding women’s health and it was apparent from both our findings that some women are lucky enough to have an open relationship with their mothers, sisters and friends that allows for discussions over what is expected, you know ….. what should or shouldn’t be going on, to really appreciate if there is a problem or not. I’d be really keen to know if you think this is purely a generational obstacle or simply how we manage individual relationships?

Emma’s personal struggle

Remember not all pelvic floor issues are a result of giving birth, which is another misconception. Many women, including Emma, struggle and struggled with a weak pelvic floor from puberty. This is why it is so essential that this information is available to children in the classroom so that doing your kegel exercises. becomes a lifelong practice. You can hear Emma’s story in the facebook group.

Exercise your pelvic floor 

Studies show that 50% women suffer some degree of prolapse. I believe this to actually be a lot higher from my conversations with ladies like you. 

So if there is a simple action you can take from this blog it is to:

  1. Locate your pelvic floor muscles - try imagining holding in wind and wee at the same time. That is the area you need to be contracting
  2. Attempt some gentle clenching of those muscles to activate them
  3. Try some manual Kegel exercises by holding this contraction up for 10 seconds - This is known as the ‘Slow Kegel’. Then fully release and relax the pelvic floor for 5 seconds and then repeat this 10 times. 
  4. Follow with the ‘Fast Kegel’ - simply hold up and in as fast as you can for 1 second, relax and repeat this 10 times
  5. Consider a Secret Whispers® Kegel Weight Kit to add an increased load - acting like a dumbbell for your pelvic floor - and if you already have one, ensure you use it!

I didn’t want to create a Kegel Kit that sits in a drawer and never fulfills its purpose so if you have bought a kit you definitely had the intention of using it. My challenge to you is to revisit your intention to take back control over your pelvic floor and be empowered to give yourself that strong pelvic floor enabling more confidence and personal freedom. You’ll be so grateful you did.

Pelvic floor toner  

There is an exercise plan to follow that comes with the kit to keep you on track and accountable.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about this blog or my Secret Whispers® Kegel Kit please comment below.

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