I Think I have a Prolapse, What Now?

If you think you have a prolapse, don't panic, but also, don't ignore. See your doctor as soon as possible for a diagnosis. Your GP can confirm if it is a prolapse and if so what type of prolapse – i.e, which organ has fallen down – bladder, bowel or uterus AND what Grade. Then you can start to take positive active ACTION to improve.

If you're unsure whether you have a prolapse or not, here are some of the most common Pelvic Organ Prolapse Symptoms

How is a Prolapse Diagnosed?

During a vaginal examination the doctor will insert a speculum (this is a plastic or metal medical instrument that is used to separate the walls of the vagina in order to show or reach the cervix) into the vagina to ascertain exactly which organ(s) are prolapsing. You may be examined lying down, standing up or on your side with your knees drawn up in order for this examination to be performed.


Symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Women who have used Secret Whispers Kegel Exercise Kit have explained their personal experience of POP as:

"like something dragging down inside my vagina, like a ball was going to fall out"

"constant urine leakage making once normal activities and sex with my husband impossible"

"anger that I was never informed of the importance of pelvic floor kegel exercises when I was pregnant"

Unfortunately these statements are far too many in volume. My biggest issue is with the last comment. In today's society women are not being told of the importance of pelvic floor exercises, why this muscle is so important and  the consequences that can occur if they are not regularly exercising their pelvic floor. Many women could avoid these issues if only they had the importance explained to them before it was too late.

I hear often "I only need to do those kegel exercises when I am pregnant". Really?? Just because you cannot see these muscles there is no excuse not to look after them. Imagine if you didn’t use your leg muscles often – then tried to go for a run!?

Don’t use it and you may well lose it! So prevention is better than cure ladies! Please ladies, lets spread the importance of this subject and educate all women.  

kegel exerciser 

Secret Whispers ™ 6 Step Kegel Exercise Kit

These Kegel balls will strengthen, tone and tighten your pelvic floor muscles fast. For women who do not know where their pelvic floor muscles are or how to contract them, the e book and our programme will show you how train the correct muscles.

These weights are designed using double sphere technology for a very comfortable fit.

After using the Kegel weights you will soon find where your pelvic floor muscles are.

Incorporate your Kegel exercises with an activity you do most days. Showering, gym work out, exercise class, walking, school run, yoga, housework, swimming, walking the dog, or even cleaning the oven (honestly:-). There really are so many ways for your Kegels to fit easily into your lifestyle. You need to be active for them to be effective, for example not sitting down and watching television.

Come join my Secret Whispers Facebook group and do the 28 day Pelvpower Challenge.


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