How To Manifest Your Leak Free Life

 Manifesting, part of the law of attraction concept isn’t just a quick magic spell to make your dream house, car or soul mate appear in a flash but it can help you attract what you desire. In this blog the most common questions around manifesting will be answered. 

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is bringing something into your life through attraction and belief, it’s all about changing the way you think, opening yourself up to more positive thinking and firmly believing and visioning what you desire as your current reality. The way you think can have a massive effective on what you can achieve, for example if you focus constantly on the negatives or obstacles this can hold you back. As mentioned earlier manifestation isn’t a magic spell, think of it as goal setting and your mind-set as the tool to help you achieve those goals. 

How do I start manifesting?

5 easy steps to begin manifesting  

Step 1: Set a goal – what is it exactly that you are wanting to attract whether that’s a career goal, relationships or a financial desire 

Step 2: Articulate and in vision what you want – this is the step where you go out and ask the world/ universe for what it is that you want, you can do this is many different ways and it may take a bit of time to find the method that works best for you. These can include: Goal boards to clearly vision what you wish to be your reality, a journal to write down exactly what it is you want or openly talking about it to friends or loved ones. The most important thing to remember is that you need to express exactly what It is you want clearly in whichever method you choose and to fully imagine what life would be like if you had the one thing you desire. Think about how it would look and feel. 

Step 3: Make a plan – even though manifestation is mostly about mind-set and thoughts, it’s important to consider actual actions you can take to reach the goal in mind. Questions you can ask yourself to help determine the actions for your plan are: What is the first small step I can take towards the goal? Are there any new skills I could learn? Is there anyone I can ask for guidance or advice?  

Step 4: Adjust your mindset – this is probably the most important step of the process, your mindset is key to successfully manifesting. You want to start concentrating on positivity and gratitude as if you give good energy out the universe you are more likely to get it back according to the law of attraction. This means you are going to need to focus on your thought patterns more, if you are telling yourself negative beliefs constantly you need to delve into why this might be and try swapping these thoughts and beliefs for more positive and healthy ones. You need to steer your thoughts in the direction that will serve what you are trying to manifest.  

Step 5: Keep an open mind- Finally you need to realise that manifesting a goal can take time, sometimes you can see an opportunity coming which is what you have been asking for and it may just pass you by but that’s okay you have to trust that the right time for you to get what you have been manifesting will come. Have fun and trust the universe!  

 Does manifesting actually work?

So the question that’s probably on the tip of your lips by now, does it actually work? That is up to you! As manifestation is a process based mainly on mindfulness and thoughts there is no way to say for certain if it works for sure. You have to be open to manifestation in order for it to work that is for sure as you need to be putting out into the universe what you’re wanting to achieve. So remember it’s down to you and your mindset.  

 Example of Manifestation

So picture this, you have a weak pelvic floor and are suffering with bladder leaks, you want to achieve the goal of living a leak free life right? That’s your step one done – a goal set. Now you need to complete step 2 which is to articulate and visualise yourself becoming leak free really imagine what this would mean for you and how different life could be without the leaks. Could you run for miles, cough, laugh or sneeze completely leak free, how does that feel? Amazing you’ve mastered step 2. Now moving onto step 3, make a plan what can you do to achieve the leak free life? Is there any tools/ resources you could be using to strengthen your pelvic floor? YES, there is!!

The secret whispers Kegel weights kit and free eBook, you need to be envisioning yourself using the weights and following the 6 step system to achieve that tight, toned and strong pelvic floor. Step 4 is adjusting that mindset of yours, make sure you’re ready to think positively about strengthening your pelvic floor, so that you can get up every day and do you’re Kegels. Finally step 5 keep your mind open, be aware that it may not be a quick overnight fix. Your pelvic floor will take time to strengthen and it also takes time to get used to wearing your weights confidently so allow your mind to clearly see your leak free goal but also understand the journey to that leak free life. 

 Final thoughts...

We hope that you are now more aware of the concept of manifestation and if you have been curious before, now have the information you need to get started manifesting! Remember it’s not magic but the results can be! If you would like to read further into the law of attraction and manifestation the book “The Secret” – by Rhonda Byrne is a fantastic read and reveals all behind manifesting and the law of attraction. It’s a great starting point for anyone wanting to begin manifestation. 

 If you are looking to manifest your leak free life, why not pick up the tools and resources that could help you do just that by shopping our pelvic floor Kegel exercise kit with free Ebook!  

Written by Steph Macshannon


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