How I got Noticed on National Radio

If you don't already know, I have been shouting from the rooftops about pelvic floor awareness for sometime and through the development of my Secret Whispers® Kegel Weights Kit, I have been passionate about empowering women to take care of their pelvic floor.

Last December I was having a lazy morning with my children (very unusual for me but it had been one of those weeks)  when suddenly my phone was ringing off the hook!

Chris Evans Virgin Radio show

My friends had heard Rachel Horne, who presents the news and weather with Chris Evans on his Virgin Radio breakfast show, talking about how she leaked when she ran.  This was an issue that had got gradually worse for her since giving birth but since she’d agreed to train for the London Marathon with the rest of the crew, it had become a real issue.

When had women spoken out publicly like this before? Was this the breakthrough moment for me in my campaign? We all know getting a public figure or celebrity involved in a campaign gives it so much more weight, so I literally jumped up and got to it!

I tried calling in to the show, sending messages to the show but sadly couldn't get on there and then.  Not to be defeated, I followed up and had the idea of sending in not one, but three Secret Whispers Kegel Kits. One for Rachel, one for Chris's wife and one for the all-important PA. Top tip - never forget the PA if you want your delivery to get through!

A lovely lady in Market Harborough gift-wrapped them for me in my brand colours and off they went.  I didn't hear any more straight away and had to think “nothing ventured, nothing gained” until one day, about a month later, there was Rachel on the radio saying that after having used two products - one of them my Secret Whispers Kegel Weights for 3 weeks she’d had a dry run! 

For someone who had leaked every time they ran this was a massive moment. Imagine all those women listening in who had been suffering in silence. So my phone was ringing off the hook again!  If only I had known I was going to get a shout-out…. and on National radio! Stock levels diminished fast so there was a bit of logistics work to be done at the warehouse …..but what a high!

This was it, I thought, this is the feeling and the breakthrough I've been envisioning all this time.  I replenished my stock to try to keep up with demand and things were really going well.

So, fast forward a couple of weeks to the National Running Show at the NEC and I couldn't believe it - my stand was right in front of the speaker stage and adjacent to the ladies loos so a perfect spot for me. I had envisaged that we’d have some time to listen to the speakers …. not a bit of it! We were swamped from the moment the doors opened to the show with so many lady runners saying they'd heard all about my Secret Whispers Kegel Kit on the Chris Evans show.  This was a two-day national show with around 25,000 visitors - so much bigger than anything I've done before and my kegel kits sold out in the first 3 hours! I had to take pre-orders to try and keep everyone happy. It was so overwhelming but such an amazing experience.

I am so grateful to Rachel for trying my Kegel Kit, sticking with it to get results and letting other women know that they can repair their pelvic floor. No woman should have to put up with urinary incontinence and the more women know that by exercising their pelvic floor they can once again live life with confidence and tackle physical exercise without the fear of leaks, the better.

Exercise your pelvic floor 

There is an exercise plan to follow that comes with the kit to keep you on track and accountable.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about my Secret Whispers® Kegel Kit please comment below.

Hear Rachel Horne speaking on Virgin Radio here.


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