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Don't give up!

So if you had a chance to read last week’s blog you’ll know that pelvic floor health has hit the papers big time. A reference to the huge number of women who have suffered with urinary leakage issues after taking up exercise during lockdown in the Daily Mirror has highlighted the challenges that women face when they don’t realise the damage that can be done if they haven’t got a strong pelvic floor.

Women can lose strength in their pelvic floor through damage during childbirth but also simply not being aware of just how important that strength is to the core of your body. All of your pelvic organs are held in place by that strong muscle, so we really should be taking much better care of it from an early age. From my experience, women are affected at ANY age and whether they have had children or not.

Can high schools lead on pelvic floor education?

You know I’d love to see this message taken into high schools so that girls and boys appreciate the key role our pelvic floor muscles play in a healthy body. This lack of awareness in our society has led to a crazy high proportion of women suffering with leakage, pelvic organ prolapse and, in some cases, referral for surgery - and we’ve all heard about the mesh scandal, which I included in my blog Another Step Closer to Pelvic Floor Awareness a couple of weeks ago. 


This last week has seen a mention for my campaign for pelvic floor awareness in my local newspaper, The Harborough Mail, and following on from that I had the opportunity to speak with Martin Ballard on BBC Radio Leicester, so we’re gradually reaching more people and sharing this knowledge. And this is where you come in…..

I really need your help

If you’re reading this blog, it’s highly likely that you or someone you know has suffered with pelvic floor issues, or you’re concerned about future issues and are determined to take matters into your own hands to help yourself and regain control over your own body. We need to stand strong to let others know that there is help for them. Girls and women nationwide are suffering, mostly in silence, because they are too embarrassed to reach out for help. If you start talking with your friends on this topic, what sort of response do you get? Do they start opening up and you find that you have commonality? A lot of the issue stems from seeing adverts telling you that “oops moments” are normal. And doesn’t it seem easy to quietly go and purchase pads and not talk to anyone about it? But it doesn’t fix the problem, does it?


We know in our hearts that “oops moments” are not normal but who do you talk to about it? Would you go to your doctor? For a lot of us, the doctor is the last resort…...you’re busy, you’re working, your children need you, you put yourself last……. any of this sounding familiar? And when I say last resort, the doctor is normally where we go when our situations have got really bad…...rarely do we go at the preventative stage.


On Friday I launched a new campaign #dontignorethepelvicfloor and I’d love it if we could help support me on social media. So are you up for the challenge? It’s really simple, all it requires is a photo of you holding a sign with #dontignorethepelvicfloor and posting on your favourite social channel with that hashtag and if you can tag us in so we can find you and share, then we can make a real noise and let all those women, who are too afraid to ask for help, know we are there to encourage and support them. The more women know that they can help themselves with some simple, regular and effective exercises, the faster we can turn round this epidemic of suffering. It may be common, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal.

Support from Rosemary Conley CBE

Did I tell you earlier this year that I met Rosemary Conley, the health and fitness guru? She had been on my GOAL list for over a year to meet and learn from. She is such a lovely woman and very supportive of what I am doing. She has so much energy and enthusiasm it’s infectious! The lovely Rosemary has kindly given me lots of her time and advice and has said she will support my campaign too! I’m beyond excited to get such a high-profile businesswoman involved and someone from the exercise world is incredibly important to me.   


Add into the mix an interview with Women’s Running magazine (I know, I can hardly believe it either!) and the campaign has already got a flying start. Will you join me and be part of the journey?


Check out my social media channels and simply take a photo (or video if you prefer) with the hashtag #dontignorethepelvicfloor and tag me in and let’s get this campaign trending to shout loud and proud and share that message to never give up!

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 Secret Whispers Kegel Weights Kit

If you have tried doing Kegel exercises before and still feel like you’re not getting it quite right, remember the Secret Whispers Kegel Weights encourages the correct muscles to engage so that you can be confident you’re doing an effective exercise. They are made from medical grade silicone making them 100% body-safe. They are easy to clean - simply use hot water and a body-friendly soap, and because you have the different weight combinations you can gradually build up the weight in a safe way. Remember your pelvic floor is like any other muscle - it needs exercising but if you do too much in one go, you’ll be aching, so take your time and don’t try to go from 0-60 in one go!


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