Another step closer to Pelvic Floor Awareness

10 July 2020

Have you been offered a mesh implant?


It’s been quite a week in the news - lots of discussions surrounding the scandal of mesh implants and the devastating side effects caused to thousands of women. It breaks my heart when I think of the huge number of unnecessary surgeries that women have been subjected to through lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding the importance of a strong pelvic floor. Kath Sansom who leads Sling The Mesh talked on Wednesday on the Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 how she had mild incontinence and was offered the mesh implant!

Unfortunately, I still hear women tell me that they have been offered surgery. Please always understand that surgery should always be the last option. It is not a quick fix.

The pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle in the body - they need to be exercised and I will endeavour to raise awareness wherever and whenever I can.

Adding support for the campaign

I’ve had an opportunity to go on the radio this week to offer my support to the campaigners, which I’m delighted to do. The reality is this education needs to be given out so much earlier in life - aged 14 is the ideal time to ensure that girls (and boys) are aware of the issues that can occur in later life and can take steps to prevent urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse through regular targeting exercise.

I have been doing my Kegels since I  was 14, and I assumed every woman did. How wrong was I. I really have no idea where I learnt this but I clearly was told or read about it somewhere. I am extremely grateful now with everything I have learnt over the past 2 years.. 

My journey started back in January 2018 when I came across an article saying that women, as they reached the perimenopause stage, the chances of having a weakened pelvic floor as their hormone levels dipped went up by 50%!!! I was 39 and my 40th was the following year. So I took notice of this.

I was SHOCKED and I remember thinking “there is no way this is happening to me as I have been doing my Kegels since I was 14”. I was so determined that this was not going to be my experience. I knew that I needed a weight for my pelvic floor. I needed a weight to challenge my pelvic floor. 

I researched and bought many products but everything was over-complicated, or cheap and aimed at the sex market. So I sat down and asked myself - “how would this look like for a woman like me”. Then I started asking friends, school mums, any woman I could really, as I was so fascinated - “How is your pelvic floor?” I kept hearing over and over again - “Julie, it’s normal to leak after having children”, “Julie, what is a pelvic floor?” and “Julie, what are Kegels and why do I need to be doing them?”

Take back control over your body

And hence my pelvic floor awareness journey began. My passion to give women something that could help them take back control and not be suffering with urinary leakage and varying degrees of prolapse. I appreciate not all these issues are as simple to solve but the vast majority could avoid facing an operation if early preventative care was more commonplace. 

After 7 months of design, my Kegel Kit arrived. It exceeded my expectations. It's elegant, discrete and made from 100% medical grade silicone. I had always envisaged it sitting in John Lewis in the exercise department and I succeeded with the quality and design! 

If we, as women, keep shouting about our issues and challenges we can bring about change and prevent more women facing a devastating future. So please, have those conversations with your loved ones - they may simply be waiting for someone to listen. And if you, or someone you know, would benefit from a Secret Whispers® Kegel Weight Kit jump on over to the page and claim your 10% discount today.

Taming a Dragon

I WON....

Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner

I may just have struck lucky with being able to share my message a little further…… there was a little success story in the world of Secret Whispers® that I’d like to share with you - I see it as another step closer to achieving the publicity this type of campaigning really needs. I’m not sure if you know but Dragon’s Den star, Theo Paphitis hosts a Small Business Sunday twitter hour every Sunday where small businesses get an opportunity to pitch their business to him along with all the other businesses taking part across the UK. Each week he chooses 6 winners to get to promote their business in a “winners hour” and……. Get to meet the man himself at a big event at the end of the year….. If that’s allowed by then!

I cannot tell you the excitement level in my house when I got the message to say my business had been chosen this week! My phone was pinging all night long with messages of congratulations and my fingers were aching from responding with my thanks! I am so grateful to have my business highlighted in this way, giving me another platform to shine a spotlight on the importance of exercising your pelvic floor.

Don’t forget I have a closed private >> Facebook group where you'll find a supportive community if you feel you’d like to find out more - there’s bound to be someone in there who’s facing similar challenges to you.

Pelvic floor toner 

There is an exercise plan to follow that comes with the Kegel Kit to keep you on track and accountable.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about my Secret Whispers® Kegel Kit please comment below.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Secret Whispers Kegel Kit, jump over to our page or share this and claim your 10% discount today. 

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