11 Things you didn’t know about Kegels

Kegel exercises are extremely important to strengthen your pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sit like a basket within your pelvis. Think of your pelvic floor as your ‘Lady Hammock’ holding up your uterus, bladder and bowel. The pelvic floor has to hold up these organs and needs to be respected and exercised otherwise it weakens and then problems occur.

Kegel exercises were developed by Californian Gynaecologist Dr Arnold Kegel and are clinically proven as an effective nonsurgical treatment for pelvic floor weakness. 

They consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor.

So, without further or do, here are 11 fun things you didn't know about kegels:

1.  Most women do not know how to do a correct Kegel contraction

 “I have tried doing pelvic floor exercises and they didn’t work”

Most women think they are doing their Kegel exercises correctly but many are simply just squeezing the wrong muscles, their thighs, their butt or stomach muscles. Statistics state that even after a woman has been told how to do her Kegels at least 50% will do them incorrectly.

To find the right muscles imagine you have to stop yourself passing urine and wind at the same time. This is the area you want to focus on and engage. To pull up.

To guarantee that you are using the correct muscles or to help you find them, Secret Whispers Kegel Weights actually teach you where your correct pelvic floor muscles are as well as strengthening your pelvic floor at the same time. Think of them as your dumbbell for your pelvic floor.

2. You can do your Kegels anywhere and no one will know

If you have raised eyebrows and a strained look, this means that you are doing them wrong. No one should know that you are doing your daily Kegel exercises. There is no excuse for not having ‘the time’, you can do them on the walk to school, at a red traffic light, yoga, run – absolutely anywhere. Do them right now while you are reading this. It is all about getting yourself in the habit of doing them.

3. It is normal to wee myself after childbirth

It is NORMAL to wee myself after childbirth

No it is NOT! Certain pad companies want you to believe that. They even portray leakage after childbirth as normal and even expected. Really makes me angry because women suffer in silence for years feeling that this is normal and that they have to put up with it. Yes, a little bit of wee, will stop you from doing so many things that you enjoy. I know many women in my closed Facebook group who have suffered with leakage for many years and have had results in weeks or months. So, please don't accept leakage as your new normal. You can do something about it.

If you wee yourself a little or a lot your pelvic floor is weak and will only get worse if you do not tackle this now. Please do not believe this nonsense and start today improving your pelvic floor. Imagine if the older generation knew the importance back when they were younger – there would be less rushing to the bathroom, less slipping on the wee that escaped on route and less hip fractures with slipping in their own wee! Just saying….

4. Kegel exercises can improve my sex life

Hell YEAH! If you have noticed that it is more difficult to reach orgasm or that your other half has noticed it is more difficult to climax; your pelvic floor may have weakened. An orgasm happens when the muscles in your vagina, anus, and uterus involuntarily contract and then relax.

Kegel exercises can improve my sex life?

This is the amazing feeling of "release." Orgasms are bigger and stronger with a strong pelvic floor. Oh and doing your Kegels whilst in the moment of passion is also Multi-Tasking! Win win!

5. I don’t need to do pelvic floor exercises as I have no issues.

All women need to be exercising their pelvic floor. Even women who have not given birth are still at risk. When I was at the National Running Show last year we had women ranging from 18 to 76 who had leakage issues. Incontinence has no discrimination. It is a muscle like any other and needs to be exercised regularly. Please do not leave it until you actually have leakage issues! Start now....

The importance of the pelvic floor and exercising it regularly is paramount to all women. Having a strong pelvic floor before, during and after birth is critical for reducing the likelihood of urinary incontinence after. Menopause  is another big stage in your life when the pelvic floor strength decreases with hormone changes.

6. I am very athletic SO my pelvic floor is OK.

Athletic women, even before pregnancy are still at risk due to the high impact of the foot to the ground with various sporting activities including runners and gymnastics. When you jump the impact on your body is 5 times your body weight! Huge stress on your pelvic floor. 

TIP: Do your Kegels for 10 minutes before any impact sport, including running or jogging and then do another 10 minutes after you have finished. This has helped so many women.

7. Squeeze before you sneeze - The ‘knack’

Squeeze before you sneeze - The ‘knack’

This method is known as ‘bracing’ yourself (by squeezing up and holding) before you cough, laugh, and sneeze or lift anything, including your shopping and your children (or anything else which causes you to leak urine). This will improve your pelvic floor strength.

8. The more Kegels I do the tighter my vagina will be.

The more Kegels I do the tighter my vagina will be.

Firstly, the reason for doing Kegels is to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor so it can do its job effectively in holding up your organs in the right place and prevent issues like urine leakage and prolapse. Forget about wanting a nut cracker! A strong pelvic floor means you can tighten your muscles better and prevent weeing yourself.

Your pelvic floor is a muscle like any other in the body. You would not do excessive squats and not expect to feel the pain after? If you do too many or hold the squeezes for too long the muscles in the pelvic floor can go into spasm and may result in a tight rigid pelvic floor. This can cause pain in your pelvic area, pain when emptying your bladder or during intercourse.

9. Those who should NOT do Kegel exercises?

For instance, those with vaginismus, a painful condition in which involuntary muscle spasms prevents vaginal penetration. This often results in pain with attempts at sex. Please seek the advice of a pelvic floor physiotherapist to help you with a treatment plan for this, since no one should have to live with pelvic pain. If ever in doubt speak to your pelvic floor physiotherapist before using our Kegel Weights.

10. So how many Kegels should I be doing and when?

Every woman has a different routine. Find a time each day, 15 mins where you can incorporate different reps (slow and fast contractions) of 10. Ensure you relax fully at the end of each rep as this is as important as the contraction itself. Ideally, wearing your Secret Whispers Kegels for 15 mins will actively challenge your pelvic floor and give you a good workout. School run, doing the shopping, yoga, even cleaning. There really are no excuses.

11. Are Kegel exercises just for the pelvic floor?

Your pelvic floor is your core. This is so important to understand. If you do not have a strong pelvic floor the chances of having a bad back, hip pains etc. are much increased.


Why Secret Whisper - The Complete Kegel Kit is the best Kegel exerciser for you.

Secret Whispers 6 Step Kegel Weights will strengthen, tone and tighten your pelvic floor muscles fast.  Designed for women who do not know where their pelvic floor muscles are or how to contract them and to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Together with the Kegel weights, the free eBook, our exercise programme AND the fabulous closed Facebook group where the women all encourage and support each other on their Kegel journey. 

These weights are designed using double sphere technology for a very comfortable fit. They are really simple to use and so effective. Just think of them as your dumbbell for your pelvic floor.

Every woman needs a Secret Whispers Kegel Kit
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Now ladies, all you need to do is just be committed and take ACTION! Just get started!! Like a lady in my closed Facebook Group said - "Anyone can do anything for just 15 minutes"

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