What do I get with the Secret Whispers Kegel Kit?

Comes in an elegant magnetic closing box, so as you can keep by your bed

1. When you receive your Kegel Kit- underneath the black insert you will find the instruction sheet, a smaller instruction card and the white storage bag. There is a link in the instruction sheet to receive all your down-loads. It is the bit.ly link. Simply copy and paste this into your web browser.

2. There are 4 downloads

· The first is the Starting Stage – basically this is to ascertain the strength of your pelvic floor muscles now. So the first time you do this – you do without wearing your Secret Whispers, so you can then monitor your progress. Simply, you want to see how long you can hold a Kegel contraction for. Please print and fill in every week.

· The second download is the ’28 day pelvic floor challenge accountability diary – print this also and tick off each day after you perform your Kegel exercises. If you can be disciplined and do 28 days then you will be able to complete the 12 weeks. Remember – its only 15 mins a day!

· The third download describes the 3 Types of Kegels– the slow, the fast and the Knack. These are the types of Kegel exercises that you should do.

· The 4th download is the 22 page EBook – it explains, with simple easy to understand diagrams covering the structure of the pelvic floor muscles, the pelvic floor function, the different types of prolapses and some recommended pelvic floor exercises. Please do read if you can as it is really useful.

· You also get lifetime after care customer support and access to a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions in confidence and get the help and support hat you deserve.