Common Misconceptions of Pelvic Floor Exercises

  • I have tried doing pelvic floor exercises and they didn’t work
    Most women do not know where their pelvic floor muscles are and how to engage them correctly.
    Using Secret Whispers ™ Kegel weighted balls will correctly engage the correct pelvic floor muscles to contract.

  • I don’t need to do pelvic floor exercises
    All women need to be exercising their pelvic floor. Even women who have not given birth are still at risk. It is a muscle like any other and needs to be exercised regularly. Please do not leave it until it is too late!

  • I’ve given birth and the damage is already done
    Doing Kegel exercises before childbirth help in the recovery of the pelvic floor and reduce the likelihood of bladder incontinence after birth.
    If you suffer from a loss of bladder control then doing Kegel exercises will help improve your pelvic floor.

  • Leakage is normal
    No it is NOT! If you wee yourself a little or a lot your pelvic floor is weak and will only get worse if you do not tackle this now. Please do not suffer in silence.

  • Do Kegel exercises really work?
    Quite simply – YES! Regardless of your age.

  • Will Kegel exercises improve my sex life?
    If you have noticed that it is more difficult to reach orgasm or that your other half has noticed it is more difficult to climax; your pelvic floor may have weakened.
    An orgasm happens when the muscles in your vagina, anus, and uterus involuntarily contract and then relax. This is the amazing feeling of "release."
    Orgasms are bigger and stronger with a strong pelvic floor.

  • Can I overdo Kegel exercises?
    Yes of course you can! It is a muscle like any other in the body. You would not do excessive squats and not expect to feel the pain after?
    If you do too many or hold the squeezes for too long the muscles in the pelvic floor can go into spasm and may result in a tight rigid pelvic floor. This can cause pain in your pelvic area, pain when emptying your bladder or during intercourse.

  • Will Kegels help my piles?
    If you have haemorrhoids this is a sign that your pelvic floor has been put under pressure. It is recommended that you rest your feet on a stool to raise your knees above your hips when doing a bowel motion. Using a small fold up stool can help.

  • What age should I start?
    Your pelvic floor muscles naturally start deteriorating from the lovely young age of 18! Yikes!! Just start gradually and build up the exercises as per the 6 step programme.