Vagina Steaming, Crystal Eggs And Wasp Nests, All The Things You Shouldn't Put Into Your Vagina

I know you've seen the title so I'm going to just get straight down to it, people are putting some crazy things into their vaginas with the promise of everything from a tighter, cleaner, fresh smelling vagina to hormone regulation and bone growth. I just want to start off by saying please DO NOT put any of these things inside of you. They are unregulated and have potentially deadly side effects so they it's just a bad idea all round. They also have no scientific backing for any of their health claims so our advice is to steer clear. 

If though you're like me and are curious as to what people are willing to do to achieve some lofty health benefits then keep reading and we hope you enjoy.


Vagina steaming / Yoni steaming 

Yoni steam

An ancient practice originating from African, Asian and South American cultures as a way to ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ the vagina and uterus after a period or childbirth. The process basically involves sitting over a bowl of steaming water and special ‘yoni herbs’.

Modern day fans of the practice such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Chrissy Teigan and Jada-Pinkett Smith and family say steaming can ‘detox’ the vagina and uterus, relieve period pains, treat vaginal prolapses, improve fertility and enhance your feminine energy.

In reality there is absolutely no scientific backing for any of these claims and in actuality vaginal or yoni steaming can increase bacterial and yeast growth leading to infection. In addition to infection, steam is very hot and can easily burn your delicate skin. It’s a no from me.

Experts say aside from the potentially harmful effects of the steaming, it’s essentially useless anyway as it’s physically impossible for steam to travel through the cervix and into the uterus.  Another important thing to note is that vagina and uteruses do not need ‘cleansing’ as they are not dirty and they are actually self cleaning. Water and the optional unscented, gentle soap is all that’s needed to clean the outside (the vulva) of the vagina, nothing needs to go inside.

Crystal yoni eggs 

Yoni egg

Yoni eggs are eggs shaped balls of crystal (usually jade or quartz) that are inserted into the vagina with claims of increased libido, hormone balancing, less period pain as well as the classic ‘enhanced feminine energy’.

Popularized by the infamous Gwyneth Paltrow and her health and wellness brand Goop, the crystal eggs have no scientific backing for any of these outlandish claims and can actually cause muscle strain, pain, and infections in the vagina and bladder due to the porous nature of the crystal material and as a result becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop was actually slapped with a $145,000 fine for their claims about the eggs, but they can still be found for sale on their website to this day.

Yoni pearls / womb detox pearls

Yoni pearls

These ‘pearls’ are actually tiny mesh bags of herbs that you pop into the vagina for as many as 3 days. Once again they claim to ‘cleanse’ the uterus, treat infections, shrink fibroids and tighten the vagina. They even offer different packages for different problems or outcomes costing upwards of $200.

One website states “ the womb is not only a vessel for bringing souls to the physical plane but also a vessel that can hold on to emotional, physical, spiritual trauma and pain. The herbal womb detox pearls have been specifically created with ancient herbs that have been used for feminine wellness.”

Like everything on the list, in the least these herb balls are useless and at the worst they are dangerous. Leaving anything in your vagina for too long is sure fire way to risk toxic shock syndrome as a breeding ground for bacteria. In the wise words of Dr Jen Gunter (author and gynaecologist) talking about the same product “your vagina isn’t tired, depressed or dirty and your vagina has not misplaced it’s chakra”.

Oak galls

oak gall 

This might be the worst one on the list.

Oak galls or oak apples are little balls of bark and wasp excretion created when a wasp deposits it’s larvae into an oak tree, essentially a little wasp nest. The idea with this one is that the oak galls are boiled down to a paste and then inserted into the vagina. The galls contain tannin, gallic acid and ellagic acid which are astringents (astringents dry things up).

The claims that accompany these ones are that the paste will dry up and tighten the vagina. I’m not exactly sure why anyone would want to dry up their vagina but apparently it’s wanted by someone.  Dryness in the vagina leads to extreme pain, especially during sex and can actually increase the risk of STI transmission including HIV. 

So please, don’t put waste nest paste into your vagina.

Pads with infrared rays 

anion chip pads

Through my research for today’s blog I happened across many ridiculous products but this one really takes the biscuit.

Sanitary pads with infrared technology with the website stating that the pads “promote increased air flow and have far-infrared rays with an anion chip. The pads can be used not only for feminine hygiene but as a preventive help for various gynaecological conditions”.

They claim that pads promote a longer lasting feeling of freshness, reduced odour, reduced fatigue, enhanced metabolism and improved endocrine function. Oh and they also accelerate bone growth, prevent scurvy and treat vitamin insufficiency. Truly a one stop shop if I ever did see one.

As with everything else on the list, there is no scientific evidence for these claims. But at least this one isn't being shoved into the vagina for days on end.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is companies and products like these are praying on people's insecurities to make a quick buck. As long as you are not itching down there, experiencing burning, pain or extreme odour or heavy bleeding then your vagina and uterus is probably fine and they’d much rather be left alone. None of your organs need to be ‘cleansed’ or ‘detoxed’ because as long as you are fit and well they can do that perfectly fine on their own without intervention from crystals, herbs or infrared rays. If you ever have concerns about your vagina or uterus then go see a doctor, gynaecologist or sexual health professional who will be able to check you over and make sure everything is as it should be.


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