UK’s top women’s magazine, Chat!

Here at Secret Whispers, we normally write our blogs about interesting and educational topics, but today is going to be a little different.

Today’s blog is all about us, our mission and our very exciting announcement that we are going to be featured in one of the UK’s top women’s magazine, Chat!

We are so proud and excited to be in Chat magazine and wanted to use this opportunity to open up the conversation about pelvic floor awareness and remove the stigma from pelvic floor issues like leakage and prolapse as well as the physiological and social symptoms of pelvic floor weakness. We want to reaffirm our mission of national pelvic floor awareness and education in schools so that maybe, pelvic floor issues and the terrible effects that come with it become a thing of the past.

Our mission  

Secret Whispers was born after I found there were no adequate products to help improve my pelvic floor and a lack of information available. The importance of pelvic floor exercises is often, not discussed and crucially something women are not given enough information about. The physical. Physiological and social well being impact for women and their families who suffer with weak pelvic floor floor conditions is heartbreaking and could be avoided. Up to 50% of women in the UK have a prolapse, 1 in 10 of those may require a surgical procedure to help and as many as 19% will need more than 1 surgical procedure.

My mission is to create national pelvic floor awareness and provide women with the education support they deserve to help to prevent pelvic floor conditions. My aim is to help every women to improve her pelvic floor, from those who want to start before childbirth as a a preventative measure, to those who suffer from conditions such as incontinence to unsatisfactory vaginal sex. I also want to introduce a programme of education in schools for boys and girls starting aged 14, to normalise and give the proper education because starting this education young is vital to stopping the generational cycle of weak pelvic floor conditions.

I want everyone to know that the pelvic floor is just a muscle like any other and it needs to be exercised. Kegel exercise weights are like a dumbbell for your pelvic floor and when you’re using them it’s like you're going to the gym, like you would to exercise any other muscle. I want every woman aged 18 to invest in a set of our Kegel exercise weights to ensure she has a strong and supportive pelvic floor for the rest of her life. 

Why are you so passionate about this Julie?

Pelvic floor conditions wreak havoc on people’s lives, I know from my own experience, speaking to women from all over the world, the scale and severity of this issue. Physical symptoms like pain, leaking urine or pelvic organ prolapse cause women not only physical pain and discomfort but psychological and social pain too.

Pelvic floor issues are shrouded in shame and embarrassment which means that women are leaving it way too long to ask for help. I don't know any women that would want to admit to themselves, let alone a friend, partner and definitely not a doctor that they were leaking urine or that their womb was hanging out their vagina.

This is why it's vitally important we talk about these hidden issues to remove the stigma and ensure women get the help and support they so desperately deserve.

As I mentioned before, pelvic floor issues are so common and it's thought that as many as 1 in 3 women will experience one of these conditions at some point in her life with around 50% of UK women experiencing a prolapse.

This doesn't need to happen, with proper guidance and education, these statistics will become a thing of the past and that is why I'm so passionate about pelvic floor awareness.


Now let’s talk about the exciting bit!

Secret Whispers is going to be featured in top UK women’s magazine, Chat.

The magazine will be out next week on Thursday the 22nd of April so be sure to pop out and buy one. What the articles about is top secret so you'll have to just grab a copy to find out.

To celebrate this feature we are starting a new hashtag campaign with #PelvicFloorChat. Our last campaign, #DontIgnoreThePelvicFloor was a massive success with a reach of half a million people after we were featured in publications Refinery29 and Women’s Running. We want this campaign to be even bigger and even better but we need your help.

On the 22nd go out and buy a copy of Chat magazine and post a selfie of you with it with the hashtag #PelvicFloorChat. If you don't manage to get your hands on a copy (we’re sure they’ll be a hot commodity) then you can post a selfie holding a card saying #PelvicFloorChat instead, and don't forget to use the hashtag in your captions to get your post seen far and wide.

If you fancy winning a fabulous 20% discount on our website then DM us your picture on one of our socials or on our private Facebook group to be in with a chance. The most creative or ingenious picture will be crowned the winner, so why not give it a go?

Just one more favour…

As well as our hashtag campaign we are also putting together some short and fun testimonial clips from our lovely customers.  Send us a short clip (less than 10 seconds) of what Secret Whispers has done for you and your pelvic floor.

What can you do now your pelvic floor is up to standard? Can you jump on a trampoline without leaking? Can you go on a run without thinking about the bulky pad in your underwear? Are you having better sex with less pain and more fun? We want to know! Make it short and fun and DM us your clips on one of our socials or on our private Facebook group. 

We love our community so very much and we know you will help us out with our campaign and videos because that’s what makes Secret Whispers so brilliant, the amazing community of women that we’ve built. We wouldn't be here without your support and we want to thank you from the bottom of our pelvic floors. Don’t forget to grab a copy of Chat magazine from the 22nd of April and #PelvicFloorChat.

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