Period Poverty in the UK

I am DELIGHTED to announce that we have now a collaboration with the fantastic charity Zinthiya Trust. They are local to me and based in Leicester. The vision of the charity is to create a society where people can be free from abuse and poverty. They are incredible and I highly recommend you have a look at the amazing work that they do.

Period Poverty in the UK

It was only when I was researching period cups that I found out that we actually have period poverty right here in the UK. If you're anything like me, you would probably have assumed this was a problem that affected girls and women in third world countries,  but I was horrified to find that it was a very real problem here in the UK and actually here in Leicestershire where I live. 

Thankfully now all schools provide free sanitary wear. However, with lockdown, this has not been possible. The shame and anxiety that these girls must be going through is heartbreaking.

Then I found out through Zinthiyas charity about women who are struggling financially, in abusive relationships and those who have had to flee their homes, how they have no means to purchase period products. For most of us, we can't even imagine this. It's a great reminder to how fortunate we are and to remember that there are many women who are really struggling and we all need to do as much as we can to help. 

During Lockdown - It’s been reported by the BBC

that some women have “resorted to using newspaper, pillowcases and tea towels”. Some of the distribution points that would have helped in the past such as schools and community centres have been closed for so long that these girls and women have had no access to what they deserve. 

One National Charity Bloody Good Period typically distributes 5,000 packs of sanitary supplies each month but that number has increased to 23,000 per month in the 3 months following lockdown in England - these numbers must not be tolerated and we must act together to support these women and girls.. 

Finding the right charity

It has taken me a while to find the right organisation to work with but I first came across the Zinthiya Trust when I was at an awards ceremony in Leicester.  At first, I didn't make the connection as the trust works to alleviate poverty and abuse in Leicester and Leicestershire so has a wide-ranging remit,  but the further I researched and asked some of my connections,  I felt certain this was the right charity to work with.

I was put in touch with Zinthiya by a close connection of mine and I'd like to think I can do my small part in giving back to the local community.

So for every CupIT Menstrual Kit that we sell we donate towards providing them with a small or medium CupIT. Being given one of our CupITs means that the girl or woman who receives it will not have to worry about buying ANY sanitary wear for up to 10 years!!! Can you imagine just how life-changing this will be for them.

So when you buy our CupIT Menstrual Kit you always know that you have given a CupIT to a young girl or woman to have.. It's all about giving back!

Body-safe and environmentally friendly

Each Secret Whispers CupIT™ will last up to 10 years, so plenty of use to see a young girl through her school and college years and of course enable women to not have to miss work and to feel confident when they have their period that they always have their CupIT to hand.

Unlike providing tampons or pads we're not adding to landfill. The  CupIT™ is both body-safe, being made from 100% medical-grade silicone, and environmentally friendly.

Did you know that according to a Rochester Institute of Technology report the average woman goes through 15,000 period products in her lifetime?  It's a statistic that a few of us consider, although in all the conversations I have had with ladies on this topic we're all much more aware of what we throw away today.


Before the month wraps up and as an appreciation of #plasticfreeJuly I'd like to say thank you to you for all the support you've given me so far.

Do let me know your thoughts on period poverty and if you have any questions on using a CupIT™, simply check back to last week’s blog to see if your question is answered there or click to check out the videos I’ve made for you.. 

Secret Whispers CupIT™ Menstrual Kit Videos

  1. What's in the box? Two different sized cups for you to make the choice which one fits best. Also full instructions and  2 Fairtrade organic cotton storage bags.

Please consider sharing this information with your friends as I have found that the more conversations we have with each other, the more supportive and resourceful we become.

Julie. X

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