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2020 has been quite the year. None of us expected something like the Corona-coaster in their wildest dreams when they rang in the New Year almost 12 months ago. We have been locked down more than once, we have not hugged our friends in months and things we took for granted, such as eating out and going for a cheeky after work drink, are little luxuries that are out of reach for now.

We couldn't travel to far-away destinations, loads of plans got cancelled and we became our children's teachers. We saw the worst of some people but we also saw the best.  There were many silver linings and moments to be thankful for.  There were hopes for a relatively normal Christmas, but even that seems further away now with even our capital moving to Tier 3.  People are creating their new normal in this absurd reality, and Christmas poses a welcome route to escape.  More houses than usual have been brightly decorated and lit up with colourful Christmas lights, people got their Christmas trees earlier and declared Christmas was starting mid-November.  In an exceptional year, exceptional actions are acceptable.

The year of Covid-19 has also provoked a lot of rethinking and re-evaluating.  We knew we had to do better by the environment and the first lockdown showed how nature thanked us for it.  Many of us became more mindful, thoughtful and grateful of the things they had, others reinvented themselves and made drastic changes, be it enforced or voluntarily.  

So how has this crazy year impacted on our gift giving this Christmas? Are you going "all out", splashing the cash and buying everything and anything you can get your hands on, because, you know, it's been such a ridiculous year? Or have you decided to place more value and meaning on what you present to your loved ones and friends?

Personally, I have stayed clear of any gifts that I know are just a filler gift, something that looks bulky or helps to fill out space under the tree, but won't be used much or played with.  And if I didn't already have the fabulous Kegel Weights Set from Secret Whispers and their fabulous CupIT menstrual kit, I certainly would be investing in myself that way.  It has been joyous to read about so many women who treated their daughters, relatives and friends to those products after using them themselves. 

Giving Secret Whispers products is a gift that, without sounding corny, just keeps on giving.  Think about it.  If you offer someone the Kegel or Menstrual Kits, the person in question will not only get a fabulous and thoughtful gift that helps a small business, but it also benefits its user for years and years to come. 

The Kegels will help to strengthen the pelvic floor, therefore potentially preventing prolapse and giving the user a better quality of life, because leaks after childbirth are nothing we just 'have to put up with'.  And if you gift CupIT, you show someone a sustainable alternative to disposable sanitary products, enabling them to use something that will not potentially release chemicals into their body, plus you do oodles of good to the environment.  And with the money they save on buying sanitary products, they may even take you out for a celebratory drink once this madness is all over.

Giving thoughtfully at Christmas is something that should become as normal as wrapping up another set of toiletry products or perfume.  It's better than that massive box of chocolates or that plastic tat you picked up because you had no idea what else to get.  This year is a year like no other, so why not change your spending and gifting habits? You will not only be memorable to those who received your gift, but you also go down in history as someone who broke the circle of "just another gift", that will, one day too soon, end up in landfill.  Let's make this Christmas special, in a thoughtful, meaningful and sustainable way. We'll all benefit in the end.

Don't forget Birthdays in the New Year!


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