“If your vagina falls out, don’t worry it’s like a child’s stress toy, just pop it back in”

I bet you had to read that heading a few times. When this woman told me THAT THIS was what her doctor had said to her, I was shocked and very outraged.

This is her post -
"It’s become apparent over the last few days that I potentially have a type of prolapse happening and am generally feeling quite unwell and uncomfortable.
A call to the doctor included this comment “if your vagina falls out, don’t worry it’s like a child’s stress toy, just pop it back in”

It was meant as help..it was a lady doctor and she was really nice about it but it entered me into a rabbit hole of research and realising how common prolapses are and how little is being done about them...lots of women are just living with it. Ladies...if you take anything from this post DO YOUR PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES EVERY DAY! RIGHT NOW..._DO THEM RIGHT NOW! ”

Why is there such disgraceful ignorance of serious women’s health issues in 2021.

If a man rang up the doctor with something coming out of his anus would he get a similar response? I think not!

It is absolutely unacceptable that a woman with a suspected prolapse to be treated with such ignorance. I know how emotionally and physically a prolapse has on a woman. The physiological effects it has in all areas of their lives. 

So, I spoke to a few pelvic floor physiotherapists about this and they repeated "This is why women should come to us". 

So, please ladies, do not accept such appalling healthcare. Get the help and support that you deserve.

This conversation led me to write this blog. Have I got a prolapse? Signs and symptoms explained. Lots of great information with diagrams to read.


So, to leave on an encouraging positive note, watch the video below from the lovely Victoria, who is a Menopause and Women's Health Nurse. LOVE this review. 

"Three weeks in and I can sneeze without anything coming out."


Here if you have any questions.



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