How to exercise your #LadyHammock™

Are you exercising your pelvic floor correctly?

Due to a very real lack of national awareness and the unnecessary taboo associated with incontinence and prolapses there are TOO MANY ladies not exercising their LadyHammock ™ to avoid these conditions.

Sadly, in many countries ladies are not taught to do their Kegel exercises and those who are pregnant and after pregnancy are not given anywhere near enough the information they need until in most cases ITS TOO LATE!!!

Please follow these exercises and if you are suffering from a prolapse or any incontinence always seek medical advice beforehand.

  • Firstly, find a quiet room to start if you are a beginner. It’s daunting enough without being interrupted!
  • You decide if you will be more comfortable standing up or lying down.
  • Squeeze YOUR PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLEs as hard as you can – Imagine pulling your ladyhammock ™ up and in, then, hold it for a few seconds (you can gradually build this time up) and then relax fully. Regular controlled breathing is key. You want a strong flexible pelvic floor so the tightening action along with the relaxing step is very important.

How to Check You Are Exercising Your LadyHammock Correctly:

  • Use a mirror to check that your perineum (the area between your vagina and your back passage) is moving upwards and inwards as you contract your pelvic floor muscles
  • When you do your #LadyHammock ™ exercises, just pop your finger or thumb in your vagina and see if you can feel the muscles tighten
  • Get your partner involved! See if they can feel you tighten your pelvic muscles during sex

Note: If you have any concerns or find a bulge please see your GP

If you are unsure what muscles you should be exercising (many ladies do not know where their pelvic floor muscles are or what the sensation should even be..) You can always use a Kegel Exerciser such as Secret Whispers 6 Step Kegel Exercise Kit.

These weights are designed using double sphere technology for a very comfortable fit and when they are inserted (don’t panic ladies, it’s the same as putting a tampon in)
they train your pelvic floor.

Because your pelvic floor has to contract to keep the weights in; your LadyHammock™ is then being exercised the Correct way. After using the Kegel weights you will soon find where your pelvic floor muscles are and can progress on to doing them manually if you like.

  • Incorporate your Kegel exercises with an activity you do most days. Gym, walking, yoga, housework, bathing, walking the dog, cleaning the oven (honesly:-) – there really are so many that there are no excuses))

Even sneezing, laughing or lifting – pull up and tighten your muscles beforehand.


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