Galentine’s Day - The unofficial best holiday in the calendar

Eleven years ago, Galentine’s Day saw its first appearance in our world, on the screens of the American series Parks and Recreation.  Now, in its existence for over a decade, Galentine’s Day has become nearly as prominent as its longer-standing, and more traditional counterpart Valentine’s Day, with people all over the globe proclaiming love for their gals.

Galentine’s Day, in case you were confused, is indeed the celebration of the love and appreciation we have for our girlfriends.  We’re not bothered about their relationship status.  We don’t care if they’re single, in between things, if they’re in a relationship, married, divorced, or if it’s just complicated.  Galentine’s Day doesn’t care about any of that. Galentine’s Day wants us to celebrate, on this day more so than any other day, our gals, our girlie friends, our besties, the ladies in our lives that we can’t imagine being without. It’s a day for showing our closest friends what they mean to us and showering them with love and attention.

So, are there any restrictions as to who is allowed to celebrate Galentine’s Day? Of course not. Anyone can celebrate it. Deep down, Galentine’s Day is about celebrating friendship and those that stay around whilst romantic relationships come and go. It’s as cheesy and soppy as the holiday that follows, but isn’t that a great thing about it?

Besides, the more ladies we show our appreciation and gratitude for their presence in our lives, the better.  In a world where it’s still quite tough to be a woman, where we still face unrealistic expectations to be everything to everyone, whilst still looking like we stepped out of a glossy magazine every morning, we need to take stock of who is there for us, who has our back, who cheers us on and who would drop everything to be by our side (or, during Covid times, zoom us at the drop of a hat). 


Now that you’re convinced that Galentine’s Day is the best day of February, or, maybe even, of the year, you may ask how you should celebrate, especially when we can’t get together in real life.  Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas, and, given that, in a twist of wonderful fate, Galentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, there are various ways to get your girlie tribe together. 


  • You could arrange for a leisurely Zoom brunch, complete  with waffles, cakes, pancakes or sandwiches. Add some fresh coffee, tea, or even some bubbles, and have a chilled out natter and laugh, taking some time to celebrate your friendships.


  • Have a pamper session. You don’t need to be in the same room to meet and get your face masks on, paint your nails or try out a new makeup look.  Put your dressing gowns on and enjoy a home spa with your best ladies.


  • Have a kitchen disco. Get glammed up at night, put on some heels and some tunes, and dance (virtually) together, enjoying each other’s company.  Have a cocktail or mocktail, and ignore the fact that, in a different time, you would be sitting somewhere in a trendy bar.


  • Watch a film together. You don’t need to be in the same bubble as your BFF to snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy the same film.  Get the chocolates or popcorn ready, snuggle up under a soft blanket and escape reality for a bit.  And let’s face it - most of the time, we just chat through the film anyway!


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We hope that the above has convinced you to make this Galentine’s Day special and that you feel as inspired as we do to show those ladies we love what they mean to us.  Happy Galentine’s, gals, let’s uplift and celebrate each other.

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