Ever Thought About Trying Running? (Yeah I used to think ‘No Way’ too!)

This is a guest blog from the wonderful Bev Logan, founder of Badass Mother Runners. We'll let her tell her own story. Don't forget to read till the end for an exclusive discount code for you to use on Badass Mother Runners Club, enjoy!

I never was one for sport and hated PE in school. I didn’t discover running until 5 years ago at the age of 34 when a friend suggested I try the ‘Couch to 5k’. I was looking for a way to shift a few festive pounds without handing over all my hard-earned cash to an expensive gym. I’d never heard of Couch to 5k and to be honest the thought of running wasn’t very appealing. What was appealing though was the fact that it was free and I would only have to dedicate 30 mins three times a week to this awful activity.

I started the plan with more doubts than expectations and no one was more surprised than me as the weeks crept by and I was still going, feeling more and more invincible with each run! What I don’t think I realised at the time was that I’d found an incredible way to cope with a stressful job. I would get home from work agitated and frustrated, unable to focus on what I needed to do first. Trainers on, out the door… 30 minutes later I’m back, calm, elated and ready for anything! Ready for homework or tantrums, ready for bedtime stories or snuggles and games! Happy mummy! I left that job, but the running stayed with me. I had discovered a whole new world and with it an amazing community of incredible people! People I didn’t know I needed until I found them; there’s a big thing that people often fail to mention about being a mum; that it can be very lonely!

Running ended up changing my life when one day I unexpectedly got sacked from my dream job. I was called in to HR the day I got back from a holiday and told that my copywriting skills were not good enough to keep my position and I could leave with immediate effect… via the side door. It’s a really long story that involves me picking myself up, dusting myself off and setting out to empower women through running in a hope that in the process I’d be able to make myself feel better. What started as a side hustle 3 years ago has become an award winning sportswear brand with an online community that gives me full time employment and a big old smile on my face (turns out I wasn’t rubbish at my job after all!)

So, what’s the point of this story? Why is it relevant to you or any other woman out there? We all need something for us. Something to make us feel powerful, invincible even, and as weird as it sounds running could be the key! A little block of time, just for you, to take back control, to breathe and to switch your brain off to recharge! We need to look after not only our physical health but our mental health too and running is renowned for not only helping with fitness but also having a positive impact on mental health, anxiety, and depression (Trust me I know!).

It's super easy to get started, you don’t need any fancy equipment or membership to a posh gym, just a pair of trainers and enough courage to get out the door! Got a little one? You can even take the baby with you in the pram if you want/need to! The 'Couch to 5K' plan is a great way to start, it builds you up week by week and with the free App, you have someone incredibly encouraging in your ear telling you when to walk and when to run… it's that simple! 30 mins, 3 times a week is all you need and by the end of week 9, you’ll be running nonstop for 30 mins! You’ll be more confident and be feeling incredibly badass!

There's a load of new friends to make too, especially online in communities like ours ‘Badass Mother Runners’ you’d be hard pushed to meet a more encouraging, supportive group of ladies. All ages, all abilities, all on their own journeys.

Here’s our top 5 tips for getting started;

  1. If you’ve recently had a baby it’s a good idea to get yourself checked over! There's a fabulous thing called a Mummy MOT (who knew?!) Your body has been through a lot and things will have changed, show it kindness and patience.
  2. Don't feel guilty! We all have other commitments that demand of us but its okay to put yourself first! You are important!
  3. You don’t need lots of fancy kit, just a pair of trainers and sports bra! Lots of running shops do something called a ‘gait analysis’ where they look at your running style; things like how your feet land, and they can help you find the best shoes for you. It’s also worth getting your bra size checked too if you haven’t done so for a while – no one wants boob chafe!
  4. NO ONE IS JUDGING YOU! Don’t be worried what other people might think or be scared that people might look at you, they won’t! (If anyone does glance in your direction they are probably thinking ‘wow, she’s amazing/badass/smashing it’!) People really don’t care, they are far too interested in what they are doing to wonder about that woman running down the road. So, make yourself a killer playlist or listen to that audiobook you’ve been desperate to read for ages and just enjoy ‘your time’.
  5. There’s no such thing as too slow! Believe in yourself and trust the plan, your brain actually has no idea what your legs are capable of! Keep it steady, build up slowly, & be proud of yourself – you’ve got this!

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