Consistency and your Kegels

The other day I took part in a Zoom call (who'd have thought such phrases would become normal?) with a group of women in business. Our coach talked about habits and goals, and how, whilst they are linked, habits definitely influence goals, and not the other way round. It became transparent that bad habits, over a period of time, lead to detrimental outcomes. On the opposite, having good habits will eventually lead to more successful results. 

The New Year is the most preferred time to think about New Year's resolutions and making plans for a better and more refined self. Some people diet, some people stop drinking alcohol (which, for most of us, went out the window after THAT announcement!), others start a new fitness regime, make time for mindful moments or earlier starts of the day. In business, many start writing plans, set goals and make financial predictions. 

Without sounding negative, how many of us have started and then given up on such resolutions or left those good habits in the past, because it was just easier to fall back into old patterns of life? Most good habits take time and effort to turn into long term effects. Bad habits are instantly gratifying but in the long run, they just let us down. In return, we feel like failures. Take exercise for example. It takes a lot of willpower and determination to get up early every day to do some yoga or go for a run. It's much easier and comfortable to stay in bed that extra hour and sleep. However, if you get up and do your workout regularly, not only will your body be thankful, but chances are you'll feel happier, too. It's not appealing to get up early and it's not comfortable, but it gets results. Great ones. Over time, this consistency and perseverance pays off. 

Perseverance and consistency are also key to using the Secret Whispers' Kegel Weights. The pelvic floor is a muscle that needs to be exercised like any other muscle in the body. Yes, it may be a faff, it may take remembering to pop them in, and results won't come over night. It takes determination to carry on and keep using them, believing that, even without instant gratification, a "better you" is eventually around the corner. Ignoring your pelvic floor can, in the long run, lead to stress incontinence (those leaks when you sneeze or laugh or exercise, or even walk) or, in the worst case, prolapse. The most important knock-on effect is that it can prevent you from reaching all your other health related goals, such as regular exercise, joining a dance group or jumping with your kids on the trampoline.  Nothing should be off-limits because of your pelvic floor.  

Small changes add up to big results. A weak pelvic floor or even prolapse is not normal and acceptable. You can do something about it. But you will need to work hard for it. And keep showing up every day. So use lockdown number 3 to start a good and long-lasting habit. Get some Secret Whisers Kegel weights and start using them regularly. With some patience and over time you will see real results - and be forever grateful for your investment in you.

Secret Whispers Kegel weights are available online for £39.99.


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