Can You Do Kegel Exercises While on Your Period?

The simple answer is - yes, you can absolutely perform Kegel exercises during your period.

Some may wonder about the feasibility and comfort of doing pelvic floor exercises during menstruation. However, contrary to any reservations, engaging in Kegel exercises while on your period can offer several benefits.

Not only can it help ease stomach cramps and pains associated with menstruation, but it can also improve blood circulation and provide a mild massage effect to the pelvic region.

By doing Kegel exercises, you're actively strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, which can contribute to better bladder control and even enhance sexual satisfaction.

Can I Wear Kegel Balls While Menstruating?


Yes, it is safe to wear Kegel balls while on your period. It is merely a personal choice. We do advise that you remove your weights when in the shower to prevent any blood spillage.

Kegel balls are specifically designed to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and there are no restrictions on using them during your menstrual cycle.

However, maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness is essential.


Here are some top tips to ensure comfort and hygiene while using Kegel balls during your period:

  • Wash your hands before and after each use.
  • Ensure the balls are thoroughly cleaned before and after use to reduce the risk of introducing bacteria into the vaginal canal. Wash all weights and the holder with warm water and (pH friendly) soap before and after each use.

I have a video on how to clean your Kegel Weights that you can watch below.

Can You Go to the Toilet While Wearing Kegel Balls?

Yes - it's typically completely safe to go to the toilet while wearing Kegel balls.

However, I personally always recommend to women who purchase my Secret Whispers Kegel Weights to empty their bladder and bowel (if necessary) before inserting their weights. This makes it a more comfortable experience, as you only need to wear our weights for just 15 minutes a day.

However, if you do need to use the toilet while wearing them, I do suggest removing your weights first.

Why? Because when you go to the toilet to open your bladder or bowels, you do not want to be in a 'tense' position - i.e. clenching your pelvic floor muscles for fear of your Kegel Weights dropping out. 

When going to the toilet you should always be as relaxed as possible to ensure complete emptying of the bladder or bowel.

Most Kegel balls available for pelvic floor exercises are designed with a string or retrieval cord for easy removal.

For instance, Secret Whispers Kegel weights are made of medical grade silicone and the white tail removal cord is extremely strong and secure.

Here are some additional tips for going to the toilet while wearing Kegel balls:

  • Relax your pelvic floor muscles to allow for comfortable urination or bowel movements.
  • Gently wipe the area to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Be aware that it’s normal for the balls to move slightly when using the bathroom.


Incorporating Kegel exercises into your routine, even during your period, can contribute to a stronger pelvic floor and overall better health.



Performing Kegel exercises during menstruation is not only safe but also beneficial. It can alleviate menstrual discomfort, improve pelvic floor muscle strength, and contribute to better bladder control and sexual satisfaction.

Remember to prioritize hygiene and cleanliness while using Kegel balls during your period for optimal comfort and effectiveness.


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