Are you ready to switch to a Menstrual Cup?

You know by now that I'm passionate about women's pelvic floors and encouraging women to take charge of their bodies and understand what they can do to look after themselves. 

During all my research, and talking to women, the conversation inevitably turned to periods and associated period pain, and there was a common thread. The women I knew who used tampons appear to suffer more pain than those who didn't and when I dug a little deeper I found there were various studies showing that the toxins released into the body from many sanitary tampons can cause discomfort and pain in some. Why do so many of us trust these manufacturers? It's so shocking to me how little information about side effects accompanies these highly advertised products.

Well you know I love a challenge, so it was time for me to design a product that I felt was lacking for so many women. Enter my Secret Whispers CupIT™ Menstrual Kit, launched earlier this year at the National Running Show, I have been blown away by the reception it's been given. Although menstrual cups have been around for decades, it still seems that ladies have been reluctant to make the switch from disposable sanitary products to this environmentally-friendly & body-friendly alternative. Is there anything holding you back? 

As we are celebrating #plasticfreeJuly and I have been asked sooo many questions about my menstrual cups I thought it would be helpful to put together this little guide, which I hope will answer your questions and give you the knowledge to make an informed decision on what is right for you and your body. 

Secret Whispers CupIT™ Menstrual Kit

  1. What's in the box? Two different sized cups for you to make the choice which one fits best. Also full instructions and  2 Fairtrade organic cotton storage bags.
  2. How do I clean it? Drop them in boiling hot water for 3 minutes to sterilise them.
  3. Where do you store them? I keep mine in it’s bag in my handbag so I’m ready to go.
  4. How do I insert one? Either use the U-fold, simply fold in half and then in half again, you may like to wet it before inserting and then it’ll pop out to create a seal. Or you use the push-down fold so it looks like a little rosebud - this is a smaller entry size which a lot of women prefer. Simply give it a GENTLE tug to ensure that the cup has properly opened and created a seal. Remember that it will sit lower than a tampon would. 
  1. How do I take it out? Carefully pinch at the base and twist to release the suction and slowly slide out - do NOT bear down and don’t forget to breathe.
  2. How often does it need changing? Only twice a day!! This is one of the best bits, particularly if you do shift work or work a long way from toilets.
  3. Can you swim with it in? Yes, yes, yes and with no nasty wet string when you come out of the pool! In fact, you can do any exercise class or even run with it in.
  4. Can you sleep with it in? Yes, because it makes a vacuum-type seal, it’s super secure. My ladies tell me that in the first couple of periods they have used a pad as well for confidence but once they realise they “work” - bye-bye pads.
  5. Can it get stuck or lost? No ladies, it cannot. Your vagina is only 8-10cm long and your cervix will not let this go anywhere.
  6. If I can’t get access to a sink when it needs changing what do I do? Simply use a little toilet roll and give it a wipe or carry a little water bottle with you and clean it properly when you get home.
  7. My periods are really heavy, will it work for me? Yes, it will work for you. We don’t lose as much blood as you may think, so if you’re concerned, remove every 3-4 hours (just to begin with) and instead of emptying out straight away™, remove carefully and try to keep the CupIT™ upright to see how much blood is in there. There are markers inside. That will give you the confidence to gauge how often you can leave before each change.

“Lighter and less painful periods”. 

A lot of ladies have told me their periods are much lighter and less painful with a CupIT™. This is due to the fact that they’re made of 100% body-safe medical-grade silicone and contain none of the toxins that many tampons and pads do. 

As they last for about 10 years, they’re environmentally friendly too so by buying one, not only are you saving money but you are doing your bit to save the planet.

I hope that’s answered some of the questions you may have but if you’d like to ask me anything about my CupIT™ Menstrual Kits, please comment below.

Giving Back

Throughout researching and developing this product I discovered that period poverty was a real issue - where young girls are prevented from attending school due to lack of sanitary protection - right here in the UK! I had thought this is a third world problem so I was appalled to find girls were suffering here.  I committed to making a donation of period cups to a period poverty charity and have recently collaborated with local charity Zinthiya Trust to ensure that my Menstrual cups reach the girls who need them most. I look forward to telling you more about this charity and our collaboration in the coming weeks.

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