8 Amazing Facts About The Pelvic Floor

The human body is an amazing thing, especially your pelvic floor. The different muscles and tissues that make up the pelvic floor work in harmony to support the bladder, bowel, uterus and the rest of the body. The pelvic floor truly is the core of your body and is the key to a healthy and happy life. 

Let’s take a look at 8 mind boggling facts you need to know about the pelvic floor


1. Lifestyle factors like smoking, being overweight or working a sedentary job can all affect the health of your pelvic floor. Everything in your body is interconnected so unhealthy habits have repercussions all over the body.


2. The pelvic floor is not just one muscle but several layers and levels of diaphragms, muscles, nerves and connective tissues. They all work together to form the pelvic floor and to support your pelvic organs.

3. There are some symptoms of a weak pelvic floor that are often ignored or passed off as something else like stiffness in the back and legs, decreased sexual desire and feeling uncomfortable inside your body.



4. A stronger pelvic floor can mean an easier delivery when you have a baby. When you ‘push’ during labour, it’s your pelvic floor doing the work so a stronger pelvic floor can mean an easier and more efficient birth experience.

5. Your pelvic floor keeps your spine stable by working in partnership with your abdominal muscles. Your pelvic floor is the key to core movement in the body and when it’s weak it can have knock on effects elsewhere.



6. Things like age, genetics and the menopause are risk factors that cannot control but can lead to pelvic floor problems. This is why we should all try and lead a healthy life to offset the things which we can't control.


7. Men have a pelvic floor too! This shocks many women that hear it, and many men too. Pelvic floor dysfunction in men can lead to similar issues as it does in women like urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.


8. Childbirth and menopause aren't the sole causes of pelvic floor dysfunction. While they do contribute their fair share, pelvic floor issues can be caused by a host of things like a chronic cough, constipation and lot’s of high impact exercise.



Final thoughts...

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  • Brilliant blog .
    I always thought the pelvic floor had one muscle, don’t tell Julie 😊
    Thanks for the learning curve

  • Brilliant blog, I always thought that the pelvic floor was one muscle, don’t tell Julie.😊
    Thanks for the learning curve

    Jane Stevenson

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