6 Ways To Remember To Do Your Kegels

Kegel exercises are fabulous for strengthening and tightening the pelvic floor, but only if you actually remember to do them! Marrying up doing your kegel exercises with something else you already do every day is the ideal way to ensure you keep on track with doing your daily kegels.

We always tell our customers to do their kegels every morning or evening when they brush their teeth, but what are some alternatives if teeth brushing time doesn’t work for you? We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 best ways to remember to do your kegel exercises, with a little bit of something for everyone to ensure your pelvic floor success!


1. When you're making your morning tea/coffee


Why not try and do your daily kegels when you're waiting for the kettle to boil or when sitting down to enjoy your morning brew. Waiting for the kettle to boil is the perfect time to pick up a new, positive habit as it's a short and sweet length of time that could be easily wasted. The average Brit wastes more than 10 hours per year waiting for the kettle to boil, imagine if we put that time to good use by doing our kegels!

2. When you’re doing your makeup for the day


If you wear makeup in your daily beauty routine, why not do your kegels while you’re perfecting your base or carving out that killer winged liner? The average makeup wearing women in the UK will spend 2 entire years of her life applying makeup, or 9 full days per year. Many find this time as a moment of reflection or self care, so what better time to invest in yourself and your health ?


3. When you're in the shower 


Most of us hop in the shower to start or end our day, so perhaps you could add in your kegel exercises to your daily shower routine. The shower is a place where you can (hopefully) have a bit of peace and quiet, so is the perfect place to start doing your kegels. Just be careful you don't slip over when you're in the zone 


4. When you’re walking the dog 


Is there a four legged friend in your household that requires daily exercise ? Why not incorporate your exercise too by doing your kegels whilst you're walking your pooch. Do you always take a seat at the same bench in the park whilst your dog has a run around ? Do your kegels when you’re sitting there and it will soon become a habit.

5. When you’re doing the washing up


We all know the feeling, you’ve cooked up a mouth watering feast, that you enjoyed every mouthful of, you head back into the kitchen to be greeted by the mountain of washing up. It’s not the most enjoyable activity but why not utilise the time and make it a 2-4-1 ? Start doing your kegels whilst your washing and perhaps you’ll actually start to enjoy it.


6. When you’re having sex


So hopefully you’re aware of the benefits of doing kegels for pelvic floor health but did you now they can heighten sexual experiences? Try doing kegels when you're having sex. It will bring pleasure for you and your partner. Getting into doing kegels daily is also beneficial to your sex life in general and women who do daily pelvic floor exercises often report better sexual arousal, sensation and ability to orgasm after only a few months.⁠

So there we have it, our 6 best ways to remember to do your kegel exercises daily so that you can strengthen, tightens and tone your way to a stronger pelvic floor. Consistency is key with kegels and finding what works to help you remember to do it every day can be tricky, but when you develop that positive habit, it will become second nature to you.

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  • A friend of mine’s top tip for remembering to do kegel exercises was to do them whenever someone was boring her! She said it gave her plenty of opportunities, and meant she had something to do which stopped her fidgeting when someone was talking too much…


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