How I got Noticed on National Radio


Julie Colan

How I got Noticed on National Radio

Rachel Horne, who presents the news and weather with Chris Evans on his Virgin Radio breakfast show, was talking about how she leaked when she ran.  

When had women spoken out publicly like this before? We all know getting a public figure or celebrity involved in a campaign gives it so much more weight, so I literally jumped up and got to it!

I followed up and had the idea of sending in not one, but three Secret Whispers Kegel Kits. One for Rachel, one for Chris's wife and one for the all-important PA. Top tip - never forget the PA if you want your delivery to get through!

About a month later, there was Rachel on the radio saying that after having used two products - one of them my Secret Whispers Kegel Weights for 3 weeks she’d had a dry run!